Tips to have a clean carpet in your home

Carpets are a big investment that can add comfort to any home. Anyone with a carpet in their homes understands the heart-sinking feeling when the inevitable spill happens. With the following carpet-cleaning and spot removal tips in your arsenal, you’ll be ready to tackle the toughest stains and reverse the damage as soon as it happens.

  1. Cleaning your carpets before they become dirty

It may sound a bit counterproductive to clean your carpets before they appear dirty, but most of the soiling is trapped deep in the fibers of the carpet and is not visible to the eye. Without regular cleaning, the soil wears down the fibers, making it appear older and worn out. Not only that, but mold can form underneath the carpets, to the point where you may even need to get someone like these Mold Remediation Services out to get rid of it and restore your property before you can then concentrate on getting the carpets looking beautiful again.

  1. Vacuum slowly

Homes with children and pets are especially vulnerable to dirt and bacteria getting trapped deep inside the carpet. If cleaned incorrectly, these residual spots of moisture may trap soil, hair, and dirt, and create stains over time that are hard to remove. So, instead of vacuuming speedily, try vacuuming slowly to get out as much dirt and dust as possible. And if you’re too busy to clean it that way, you could consider looking at robot vacuums new models to make it a hassle-free and automated process of cleaning.

  1. Blot instead of rubbing

The technique for wiping wet stains in very important so as to not damage the fibers of the carpet and to remove as much as possible. Remember to blot inward to prevent spreading the stain. Rubbing on the other hand spreads the stain around the carpet, making it more difficult to clean up quickly.

Without the proper techniques, cleaning up a spill can be difficult. Oftentimes household items are safer, more economic and more effective at cleaning than harsh chemicals that could potentially bleach the colour off your carpets.

  1. Shaving Cream

Shaving cream can be considered the universal cleaner for just about all stains. Let it sit for a half hour and then blot the area clean. Finish it off with a mixture of one part vinegar and one part water in a spray bottle and spray the area. Blot to dry.

  1. Baking Soda and Vinegar

Aside from their ever-popular use in elementary school science classes, baking soda and vinegar are excellent at cleaning up stains that are slightly more stubborn or beginning to dry.

  1. Table salt

So you quickly clean up a carbonated drink spill and are worried about it leaving a stain on your carpets. Sprinkle a generous amount of table salt, enough to cover the stain, and leave it overnight. Vacuum the salt the following morning and there will be no evidence of any soda spills.

  1. Baby Powder

The dreaded grease stains are some of the most difficult stains to get rid of. After cleaning the stain as much as possible, sprinkle some baby powder over the stain, covering it completely, and place a brown paper bag or dry cloth on top. Set your iron on low and iron over the top of the paper bag or cloth. Be careful not to damage or burn your carpet. Repeat the process until all the grease is completely absorbed from the carpet. This technique works great on grease stains on clothing as well.

  1. Dishwashing Detergent

Dishwashing liquid is excellent at cutting through grease. For heavily greased stains on carpet, mix a drop or two (or more depending on the size and level of grease) of dishwashing liquid in a spray bottle and spray over the stain. With a clean damp cloth, use circular motions rather than linear motions to wipe away the detergent, or it may attract more soiling.

  1. Ice Cubes

Nothing is worse than finding gum on your carpets. The best way to remove this sticky mess is to freeze the gum. Grab a few ice cubes and ensure the gum is frozen solid. Try scooping the gum out with a spoon. Most of it should come out this way but if there is still any stuck, cut the carpet strands as close to the gum as possible so the area does not look uneven.

  1. Club Soda

If you enjoy hosting guests and like to socialize at home, sometimes there might be accidental wine or beer spills. Club soda comes in very handy in these scenarios. Mix one part club soda with one part water and spray it on the stain. Use circular motions to agitate the stain out.

  1. Cornstarch

To keep your carpets smelling clean or to get rid of odours, sprinkle cornstarch all over your carpet. Leave this for a couple of hours and then vacuum it up.

Until you call the professionals, use the tips above to manage spills. ChemDry has a line of revolutionary and non-toxic products to keep your carpets smelling clean and tackling stubborn stains. ChemDry products are safe to use around children, pets, pregnant women, people suffering from asthma and other sensitivities. If you prefer green-certified products, ChemDry’s patented carbonating cleaning product, The Natural , is a neutral pH cleaning solution with ingredients taken from Mother Nature herself.

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